Spaniard At My Door

art work for Spaniard At My Door

Spaniard At My Door



The Shadows Of Knight (Bio)


60's Rock, Garage Rock Revival, Arena Rock






Lilting, Exotic, Gorgeous


Mid 86-115 BPM




On a hot winter's morn-My old Aunt was born.
As a sister watched from the floor.
I said you're too late you'll have to go straight.
And you'll have to work years in the store.
I cannot see straight-Because of my mate.
And I think you look quite like a queen.
I have'nt much time-I live with the crime.
And I look like a bad Mr. Clean.
Now There's A Spaniard At My Door.
And He's Sleeping On The Floor.

I'll be married today-A good price to Pay.
For I'll alway's sleep in a bed.
Kind and Refined-She worked in a mine.
But nothing but a used metal sled.
Up north it's cold and my coat I sold.
To buy me a good bowl of rice.
While frostbite set in-I sang Gunga Din.
And went off to live with the mice.

(Repeat Chorus)

Only yule time will tell if you live in a bell.
And the ringing has'nt begun.
As you crawl to the edge-It's just like I said.
And you're eyes still point at the sun.
Over there on that farm-I lost my left arm.
When I promised to work for my life.
I stumbled a while-But soon found a style.
And finally earned a good wife.

(Repeat Chorus)

Now I'm tired and old-Afraid of the cold.
No years have I ever had plenty.
Well it's ?? and blue-I'm finally through.
I'm dead at the sweet age of twenty.

(Repeat Chorus)